My Amazing Aides

    Meet Ms. Virginia, Ms. Ronnie & Ms. Monique!

    I have three of the most wonderful instructional aides that help me and our students every single day! 

    Ms. Virginia is sweet, gentle, and loving. She does an excellent job working with our students on their fine motor skills-tracing, writing, cutting...Ms. Ronnie is kind, caring and keeps me on track! She runs our math center and works with students on numbers, colors, shapes, etc..Ms. Monique is extremely helpful and runs our break center. She finds creative ways to help each child use their imagination, and enjoy their time in between work.

    They all have the biggest hearts for our kiddos and are a fantastic resource for our students. These are the most amazing aides I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and I am honored to have them in my classroom everyday! I absolutely could not do my job without them! 

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