Ms. Geri's Preschool Classroom



     Office Hours

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 1:30pm-2:00pm

    Wednesday 11:30am-12:00pm

    (909)590-2707 ex. 8102           geri_rasmussen@chino.k12.ca.us


     Please encourage the following skills and activities with your child as our goal is to always

    promote independence, language and communication skills. 

    • Memory games: matching pictures, matching objects
    • Helping: putting out their own snacks/lunch 
    • Cleaning up: putting away jackets, toys, cleaning up their own snacks/lunch 
    • Sorting: putting all small balls in one bin, placing hats in a bag... 
    • Classifying: putting similar objects into groups, all the red cars together, all the pink bows...
    • Counting: counting while playing, grocery shopping, having meals, snacks (how many crackers? how many cars?)
    • Outdoor Activities: taking a walk-talk about what they see-trees, leaves, bugs, clouds.... 
    • Child Yoga: stretch like a cat, make yourself as tall as a tree...
    • Singing: songs, recall nursery rhymes...
    • READ, READ and READ some more!!