• Practice Record

    Practice Record Policy
    * Grading (30% of total grade) will be based on the total number of minutes practiced each week.
    * Write the number of minutes practiced each day and the total for the week.
    * Have a parent sign and date at the bottom of the paper. Turn in each Monday.
    * Practice records turned in one day late will be lowered one letter. Those turned in more than one day late will not be accepted.
    * Students may use one Renaissance homework or test pass per year. See Mr. Wiley for details.
    * If a student is sick or out of town and unable to practice, a practice record MUST be turned in indicating the reason for not practicing. Otherwise a zero is recorded.
    A = 90 - 100 min. per week
    B = 80 - 89 min. per week
    C = 70 - 79 min. per week
    D = less than 70 min. per week AND/OR less than 3 days per week
    F = turned in more than one day late or not at all

    Note : If a student completes no practice records the highest possible grade for the class will be C-

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