• Building the world's greatest junor high "Coyote Construction" signature banner


    In order to be the world's greatest junior high school we need to have the world's greatest students.  Every student had the opportunity to collaboratively create lists of school expectations during their PE classes last week.  Expectations created by students for students.  That's the world's greatest!

  • Academic Expectations


    Cooperate in class, demonstrate teamwork, be friendly towards individuals, try your best on assignments, study hard, pay attention in your class, raise your hand, no bullying, pick up trash, act appropriately, practice Academic Language, give it your best effort, own your own work, listen to the teacher, be prepared with work and materials, be neat, be organized, no cheating, respect yourself and others, encourage others, communicate with your group – not control, use active listening, share the work load, use an appropriate voice and demonstrate Academic Honesty – (do not use phone or internet, to copy or cheat).