STEAM Rubric

STEAM Challenge

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  • Your STEAM Challenge is to create a poster to illustrate the math concepts you have learned combined with a Science topic.

    You will need to conduct research, take notes, analyze the new information, and make connections between the science, technology, engineering, artistic, and mathetical persperctives.

    Part 1 - Answer the Science Questions (use your reseach) -- Write 1 decriptive sentence with at least 10 words for each letter of STEAM

    Part 2 - Do the Math -- create tables, charts, graphs, etc.  *SHOW and LABEL all WORK

    Part 3- Create Poster -- add colorful illustrations/clip art that goes wtih the Science Topic

    You may create your poster on the computer or by hand, but all work should be on the front.   Be sure to use only an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper and that your poster is vertical.

     *EXTRA CREDIT - Build/Engineeer a model, artwork or SWAY on the topic.


    STEAM: Sandcastles  * Sample of how to set up your STEAM Poster.