• Mission:

    It is the mission of Hidden Trails Elementary School to inspire students to become responsible, respectful, life-long learners, capable of problem-solving, and to ensure high levels of learning for each student.  Through mutual respect within the total school community, our children will grow and learn in a positive atmosphere where faculty, staff, students, and parents together are enthusiastic about the teaching and learning process.


    We believe that the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of our school is to develop our capacity to function as a professional learning community.  We envision a school in which staff:

    • Unites to achieve a common purpose and develop SMART goals
    • Works together – interdependently – and in collaborative teams
    • Seeks and implements promising strategies for improving student learning on a continuous basis
    • Monitors each student’s progress on a frequent basis
    • Demonstrates a personal commitment to the academic success and general well-being of each student
    • Fosters student development through the implementation of PBIS strategies and supports