Internet Safety  
    Technology is an integral part of our students' lives. Since it comes naturally to them, the dangers involved with using it are often not taken into consideration. This website provides resources to help students use technology safely and responsibly. More information for students, teachers, and parents can be found under the Internet Safety link in the left margin of this page. Safe surfing everyone! 



  •  stop_cyberbullying
    Want to learn more about Cyberbullying and how to prevent it? Carnegie Mellon University has resources you can use with your students. Click here to visit the website. Don't forget to look at the "Hint Sheets" on the right. They also have a list of "cyber" terminology in their "Cyberpedia". Scroll down to the Cyberpedia heading to access the list. For example, I learned that "flaming" is when someone intentionally posts mean and insulting comments about someone else. Needless to say, NO FLAMING ALLOWED! You may, however, peruse the website at your leisure. Enjoy!

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  •  facebook Facebook Tips: 6 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook!       
    1. Birth date/place
    2. Vacation plans
    3. Home address
    4. Confessionals (8% of companies fired someone for misuse of social media; k. kristof, cbsnew.com 2/10/12).
    5. Password clues
    6. Risky behaviors

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  • Impersonation
    Sadly, there is sometimes a problem with people impersonating others online. If this has happened to you, check that website for their impersonation policy. For Twitter, go here. For Facebook, you can find information here. Click here for Instagram. For YouTube, click here.

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  • KidRex http://www.kidrex.org/  It looks like a good alternative for internet searching. Google Safe Search still lets some words and phrases through. After typing a few "test" words, this one seems to block that. Inappropriate searches get a screen that says, "Oops, try again." If you click on Parents at the bottom, you can learn more and see how to report inappropriate sites that sneak through their filters. 

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