Student Request for Assistance

  • Hello, Student!

    If you would like your counselor or someone else from school to contact you, please click the link below.

    --------Please remember that if you're having an emergency, call 911------

    This form will be checked on a daily basis, but give us 24-hours (during normal school based hours of operation) to get back to you.

    Your school counselor wants to also remind you that school counselors practice confidentiality. That means that everything you and the counselor discuss is confidential unless it's disclosed that a student is in danger of any kind by hurting himself/herself, by someone else hurting them in any way or if they share knowledge of someone else hurting others.

    Note: Below are resources available should you find yourself or someone else in a situation where immediate mental health services are needed.

    National Suicide Prevention Hotline --- 1.800.273.8255
    Central Crisis & Suicide Prevention Hotline --- 1.888.506.5991
    Crisis Text Line --- Text HOME to 741741

    **Click here to access the form.