• Suggested School Supply List


    I will provide for your student certain materials.  Parents do not need to send any of the following:

    1. 2 spiral bound notebooks
        ~Purple - Vocabulary
        ~Blue - Day to day notes, homework assignments, and things to remember
           (Parents, please look at this BLUE NOTEBOOK every evening)

    2. 3 folders

        ~One for homework

        ~One for desk (work in progress)

        - One for special projects

    Teacher provides all of the above items.

    3. 1 box of crayons

    4. 1 pencil

    5. 1 whiteboard and whiteboard marker

    Parents may send any or all of these optional supplies:

    1. Additional thin point white board markers (Only one at school at a time)

    2. White board eraser

    3. Set of colored markers

    4. Correcting pen or colored pencil

    5. "Pink Pearl"-type eraser

    6. Cloth bag with a handle (at least 8.5" x 11" but small enough to fit in a backpack for take home papers)

    7. Backpack

    8. Small soft pencil pouch



    Not allowed

    Do not send glue sticks and especially, no hand-held pencil sharpeners. 




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