Dell Computer

Introduction To Computers: Get ready to Learn and have fun!

  •  Hi, my name is Charlie Hemsley and I am the Computer and Technology Instructor. Computers have been one my fascinations for about 25 years now. It has been a privilege to have been teaching for over 20 years now. I look forward to another 10. This is an incredible school.  I am really excited about this new year and all the possibilities for our students have here to learn new ideas and explore their own creativity.

    Computers are a necessary tool of our day and age! They can be a nuisance or they can also be fun and convenient. However you look at them, they are a part of everything we do. That being said, in this class we will learn to use them for our best advantage. We will be learning various stages of Web pages, programming, 3D Design and even photoshop skills. These are invaluable for a student to use throughout their student journey all the way through college and into their career. I look forward to all the fun projects we will do in here and I trust the students will be grateful and have fun as well.