Advanced Means Higher Level THINKING

  • Welcome back for those returning! The rest of you Eighth Graders are at an advanced level because you are more mature and think at a higher level than the grade below you (hopefully)! What does it mean to think at a higher level? It means you eliminate some of the work in each job by thinking through the process in order to skip steps, or instead of just doing basic work, your work shows more creativity and design functions. For example: You are given an assignment of animating an object like a rocket on your screen. Instead of just making the rocket go across the screen, you have it take off with billowing plumes  of smoke, You show it at different angles, fire coming out the back, and maybe even an astronaut waving out the window. It is far from basic.

    This class will challenge you to a new level in creativity and thinking above 2+2 to a more complex equation.