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Technology:collection of tools, including machinery, modifications, arrangements and procedures used by humans.


    Computers are a necessary tool of our day and age! They can be a nuisance or they can also be fun and convenient. However you look at them, they are a part of everything we do. That being said, in this class we will learn to use them for our best advantage. We will learn to integrate both the computer and building projects after they are designed and conceptualized.
    Technology Class is learning how things work and are made. We will learn to use modern day equipment and tools to build our own projects, so that we can create with our minds and our hands. Anyone who learns how to use tools correctly is more apt to be self sustaining and know how to discuss topics that pertain to modern day technology. Learning language and terms that go with topics such as house construction, remodeling, household maintenance,  fixing cars (learning through models), etc... are invaluable to a student to use through their life time.
    This class is fun and mind stimulating - pushing students to new levels of thinking and creativity.
    If there is time, we will look into other programs as well. Some of the cool programs you may want to look at while you are at home or have some free time in class are:, Gimp and

    Free Game Development Software