Welcome to the Canyon Hills Language Arts Department Page!

  • With the new Common Core Standards in Language Arts, there is a shift from the specific “learn for the test” standard, to a deeper critical thinking approach. Students will read and learn to annotate more relevant informational texts, along with analyzing literature. There will be an emphasis on analyzing texts for central ideas based on textual evidence in fiction and non-fiction. Students will learn to write with a purpose while providing supporting evidence from cited sources.

    As teachers in the Language Arts Department, we are committed to helping our students become better readers, speakers, writers, and listeners by encouraging our students to think critically and creatively while collaborating and communicating with their peers. The new standards are challenging, but exciting! Our goal is to teach our students the problem solving and analytical skills necessary for success in high school, college, career and life.


    Seventh Grade Language Arts

    Currently, the seventh grade students are working on a unit entitled “What it Takes to be Great.” A Forbes magazine article is used to teach the students that greatness is available to everyone through deliberate practice. This unit focuses on determining the central ideas in a text and analyzing their development over the course of the text. Projects will include the use of argument, opinion and summary presentations.

    Eighth Grade Language Arts

    Currently, the eighth grade students are working on a unit entitled “Scientific Responsibility.” The classic short story, “Flowers for Algernon,” is used to demonstrate to students that different levels of intelligence, emotional and intellectual, lead to different types of interactions with people and society. This unit allows the students to explore the theme of intelligence and manufactured intelligence with collaborative discussions. The unit will conclude with each student taking a personal stance on experimental human research.