• Please review the following and familiarize yourself with the policies, laws, and penalties concerning your student's attendance at school.  Your compliance with these regulations is important for your child's scholastic success.
       1. Personal illness (Woodcrest will require doctor's note verifying absences after 10 excused absent days)
       2. Personal medical, dental, Optometric appointment.
       3. Funeral services for a member of the immediate family (limited to one day in the state, and 3 days out of state)
       4. Personal court appearance (requires verification)
       5. Quarantine under the direction of a health officer. 
       6. Employment in the Entertainment Industry for a maximum of up to 5 absences per school year.
       7. Observance of a religious holiday or ceremony (recommend three (3) days advance notice to school)
       8. Religious retreat (limited to 4 hours per semester)
       9. Prior Principal approval for reasons, which may not be included elsewhere, but are pursuant to uniform standards established by the governing board.
    Reasons NOT acceptable for being absent from school and are considered truancies or  unexcused absences during the regular school year. 
    A truancy occurs if a student does the following:
         1. Going to work with parent or other family member.
          2. Going to the beach, lake river, mountains or desert.
          3. Bus not available/missing bus.
          4. Babysitting, taking care of other family members. 
          5. Personal problems.
          6. Repairing car or household items.
          7. Waiting for service or repair people to arrive.
          8. Shopping
          9. Attending a sporting event.
         10. Participating in a student demonstration off campus.
         11. Going to a concert
        12. Any other reason not included in "Acceptable Reason for Excused Student Absences."
    Note: All absences must be verified within 5 days of the absence or the absence becomes an unexcused absence or truancy. 
    The SARB Process as Established by LAW
    A letter will be sent to the parent at the following intervals for unexcused or truancy absences: 
    Third (3) - Unexcused absences:  Classified as a Truant (reported to attendance administrator)  1st Letter sent to home.
    Sixth (6) - Unexcused absences:  Second Truancy (again reported to attendance administrator)  2nd Letter and School Attendance Review Team (SART) meeting or meeting with administrator. 
    Ninth (9) - Unexcused absences:  Third Truancy (classified as a habitual truant and subject to summons to appear at a School Attendance Review Board (SARB). 
    Note:  Ten (10) excused absences are considered to be excessive. Education Code Sec. 48260 - Any pupil subject to full-time education or to compulsory education who is absent from school without a valid excuse more than (3) days or tardy or absent for more than any 30-minute period during the school day without a valid excuse or three occasions in one school year, or any combination thereof, is a truant and shall be reported to the attendance administrator or superintendent of the school district.
    When a parent takes their child out of school early, for reasons not acceptable as excused, for longer than a 30 minute period, more than three times during the year, that child becomes a truant.
    You can report an absence by: 
          1. Calling Melissa Mercado, Attendance Clerk at (909) 923-3455 Ext. 6475
          2. Logging into our school website
          3. Sending an email to melissa_mercado@chino.k12.ca.us
          4. Sending a note with your student. Please include the date, student's name, phone number, parent's name, and reason/date(s) of absence.