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    Welcome to my webpage.  I teach Math 8, Integrated 1, and Computers.  I am also the yearbook advisor.


    Cohort A will have in person learning on Tuesday, April 6.  Cohort B will have inperson learning on Wednesday, April 7. Students will be required to check into their Teams and answer Attendance Questions so that they get credit for attendance on the days they are not actually present at school.  School will start at 745 am and go until 148 pm.  All students will be required to be off campus by 2pm. As of today, all students will have in person learning starting Monday, April 12.  There will be no cohorts after this date.


    For those of you who have not purchased a yearbook yet, you will have one last chance to do this starting April 19 - 30.  They will be $35.00, cash only.  I will be collecting orders before school.  Exact change will be greatly appreciated!


    Click on the Tab to the left to see announcements, for your class, and assignments.  All assignments will be turned in through Microsoft Teams.









    It's Going to be a Good Year! 







    My email:


    School Phone Number:  (909) 923-3455 x - 6404


    I am committed to responding to all student and parent emails within 24 hours on weekdays.



    Class Access


    We will be using Microsoft Teams to post and submit Electronic assignments. Students should check their classes' website for the code to their class.  They will need to enter this class into Teams before school starts on Monday.  If you have any difficulties email me, ASAP.


    Parents and Students, please check the Announcements on your class page frequently for the most up to date information for all classes.




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