• Syllabus 8th Grade Honors Math



    Teacher Contact Information

    EMAIL:   timothy_yurk@chino.k12.ca.us           PHONE:   909-923-3455 x- 6404


    Course Description

    • The 8th Grade Honors Math course is designed to academically enrich students in solving equations, working with linear equations, inequalities, and functions. We will also be working with extended geometric applications. We will use both the textbook and outside materials to learn and practice these concepts.


    Suggested Materials

    • pencils or pen

    • notebook or loose-leaf paper

    • Agenda

    • Computer/Charger



    Classroom Guidelines

    • Arrive to class meeting on time ready to work

    • Show respect for yourself and others

    • Ask for Help & Ask Questions!!!

    • Utilize resources and time efficiently & properly.

    • Listen carefully & follow directions.

    • DO YOUR BEST! Work hard, stay focused & be nice.

    • Accept responsibility for your work, your decisions, and your actions!

    • Be good listeners when others are speaking.

    • Work cooperatively & honestly with classmates & school staff.


    Every day is important! Your success in this course is directly related to how often you are present. Students are expected to log in on time and spend the entire class time online.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the work and notes that you missed. Your teacher will not remind you to make up assignments. If you miss any class the day before a test and return the day of the test, you will be expected to take the test as scheduled.  It is the student’s responsibility to request and schedule any make up tests.



    Woodcrest JHS has implemented the PBIS (Positive Behavior Support) program for student discipline. The PBS program works to reward students that are making Positive Behavioral choices. Students are receiving instructions specific to behaviors in an effort to inform them of the expectations. We ask for your support as we continue to make Woodcrest JHS focused on high expectations for learning and behavior! By following the three basic principles, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe, students can easily avoid problems and be successful on our campus. Students are expected to demonstrate the appropriate behaviors at all times on campus, at school activities, and to and from school.



    • Effective use of class time

    • Turning in classwork/homework

    • Tests and quizzes


    Grading Scale

    90% - 100% = A

    80% - 89%   = B

    70% - 79%   = C

    60% - 69%   = D

      0% - 59%   = F

    Effective use of classtime


    Classroom Assignments and homework  = 40%


    Tests = 60%


    Turning in Work:

    Students will turn in their work in class on the date that it is due.  All assignments will be posted in Teams daily bu must be done on paper.  ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN ON THE ASSIGNMENTS FOR CREDIT!


    Late Work: 

    Late work may be turned in until the end of the chapter for full credit.  Once the chapter is finished and we have taken the test, all missing work are recorded as “Zeros” (no credit).  Do not abuse this policy!!



    I can be reached either by email at timothy_yurk@chino.k12.ca.us or by calling the school.  I can meet with parents either before school or after school.