CAASPP: California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress
  • CAASPP Testing: Spring 2024
    Students will be taking the CAASPP assessment in the areas of English-language arts and mathematics beginning the week of May 6th.  Each student is scheduled to test for 5 days.  In addition, students in 8th grade will be taking the California Science Test (CAST) the week of April 29th.
    Both the ELA and math sections of the CAASPP test include a Performance Task in addition to the Non-Performance Task portion which consists of selected-response items and short answer items.  Please visit the CAASPP Practice Test site to see examples of Performance Tasks and Non-Performance Task items.



    Dear Parents,


    We are fast approaching our testing season!  Be mindful of the following dates so that your child tests in the setting the are most used to.  We want to ensure that every student is successful so please make sure that your student is in school and on time.  Please make sure to schedule any necessary appointments for your child after school.

    On the day of the test, classrooms WILL NOT be interrupted for any reason.

    Tardy students will have to test in an alternate location.  Students will not be called out of class while testing is in progress.  Certain tests will only apply to specific students.  Those students and parents will be reminded of those test days.

     Listed below are the scheduled testing dates for Woodcrest students:

    • English Language Proficiency Assessments in California (ELPAC): February 13th – 28th
      • This test is only for students that are identified as English language learners
    • Physical Fitness Testing: February through mid March
      • 7th graders during their PE class
    • CAST Testing: April 29 - May 3
      • 8th grade students during Science class
    • CAASPP (SBAC) Testing: May 6 - May 10
      • 7th and 8th grade students