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  • Welcome to Mr. Guillemet's 7th Grade Science

    I would like to welcome all of my new students this year to my 7th grade Science Class.  I have been a teacher for 36 years now, 24 of them here at Ramona.  In the 1st Trimester you will learn about Chemistry, in the 2nd Trimester you will learn about Ecology, and in the 3rd Trimester you will learn about Earth Science.  In my class there are 5 main objectives that a student must accomplish in order to be successful.

                These 5 objectives have the name misspelled HERRO.

                           H= being here in class, better known as attendance.  I can't teach you or help you learn if you're not here.

                           E= engagement, if you are here and not paying attention, then being here doesn't do much good.

                           R= respectful, you must respect me, the other students in the class, and the administration and rules of 

                                 the school both inside and outside the classroom to get the respect from everyone involved.

                           R= responsible, which means getting to class on time, doing the work that has been assigned to you, 

                                 and getting that work in on time.

                           O= organized, if you complete all 4 other objectives, but can't find the answers or the work the 

                                 answers are on, then you have defeated the purpose of the other 4 objectives. 


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    phone: (909) 627-9144 ext 7516

    email: John_Guillemet@chino.k12.ca.us



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       available upon request.

    I will be available anytime via email.