• Home and Hospital

    The purpose of the Home and Hospital program is to support students with a temporary disability, which makes attendance in regular day classes or alternative education programs impossible, by maintaining a continuity of instruction during the students’ absence from the regular school program.



    1. The program is available to any pupil with a temporary disability (physical, mental, or emotional illness).
    2. A physician must have determined, in writing, that the student is unable to attend school for a period of two (2) weeks or longer.
    3. Students assigned with an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) will need to have a change of placement (COP) meeting prior to starting the Home and Hospital program.



    1. Parent/Guardian begins the process.
      • Request Home and Hospital application from your school nurse/office staff.
      • Submit the application to the physician’s office to be completed by the physician.
      • Return the completed application to the school nurse/office staff or principal.


    1. The school nurse will time stamp the paperwork, attach a copy of the student’s classes with the application, and note whether the student has a current IEP.
      • Regular education student: the application is sent to the Director of Health Services for approval.
      • Special Education student: the application is scanned to the Special Education Program Specialist and the Director of Health Services for approval. An IEP team must meet within five (5) working days to deem if the Home and Hospital program is in the best interest of the student.


    1. Once the Director of Health Services and/or Special Education has approved or denied the request, the application is scanned to the Home and Hospital technician. (Please note: Instruction cannot start until the Home and Hospital technician receives the paperwork, changes the program code on Aeries, and assigns a teacher.)
      • The Home and Hospital technician will time stamp the application, notify parent/guardian of the application status, and notify the school of the approved/denied services.
      • The district will provide a credentialed teacher for up to five (5) hours per week of instruction.
      • All services for the 2022-2023 school year are virtual.