•  Dr. Carr

    September 27, 2022


    Hello Parents and Guardians:

    This is Dr. Preston Carr, Director for the Alternative Education Center (AEC). The AEC is a K thru 12 Independent Study/Home Base or Home School type program that offers both online and in-person learning. Our program has sustained the availability of online learning for Pre-K thru 12th grade.

    The AEC has serviced students with online learning for the last 12 years and the new norm is “distance learning”, and/or in-person direct instruction. Our Virtual online platform provides flexible schedules for students to learn with 24/7 access to the curriculum. However, we do have either Zoom or Google Classroom, which provides a chance for students to get to know their teacher and meet other students.

    Students at the AEC have credentialed teachers in the content areas of the core for secondary and all elementary teachers have multiple subject credentials to teach K thru 6. Again, we do offer learning without students entering the building, especially for unvaccinated students in need of Tdap shots. For more details, check the website and reach out to our counselors or counseling assistants for further assistance.

    Check the AEC webpage (https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/alted) on a regular basis for information regarding how your student will continue the programs that we offer.

    Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented emergency.


     Dr. Carr