• The Chaffey College courses listed below qualify for Dual Credit in CVUSD. 
    • If CVUSD students take these courses, they can submit a completed Course Agreement form to their high school Records Office for the course to be posted to their transcript for general elective credit.  The form is included on this page (scroll down.)
    • For full course descriptions, including A-G and UC/CSU transferrability, refer to the Chaffey College catalog available here.
    • CVUSD may register for other Chaffey College courses not listed below and earn college credit only; college courses are subject to approval by CVUSD.
    • NOTE:  Per Chaffey College policy, high school students may can take a maximum of 11 units during fall and spring semester free of tuition; during summer the maximum number of units high school students may take free of tuition is 6 units.  If high school students take more than the permitted number of free units, they will be charged tuition for ALL units.


    ANTHROPOLOGY 3 Social and Cultural Anthropology
    ASTRONOMY 26 Stars and Galaxies
    ASTRONOMY 35 Planets and The Solar System
    ART HISTORY 5 Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Contemporary
    BUSINESS 10 Introduction to Business
    CINEMA 26 Survey of American Cinema
    COMMUNICATIONS STUDIES 2 Fundamentals of Effective Speaking
    COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1 Intro to Computer Information Systems
    CRIMINAL JUSTICE 1 Intro to Criminal Justice
    EARTH SCIENCE 1 Earth Science
    ENGLISH 77 Latino Literature
    GUIDANCE 2 Essentials of Student Success
    GUIDANCE 3 Career Exploration and Life Planning
    GUIDANCE 6 Successful College Transition
    HISTORY 12 Asian American History
    HISTORY 70 Chicanos: History of Mexico And The US
    KINESIOLOGY 15 Diet and Fitness
    MUSIC 22 History of Rock Music
    MUSIC 4 Music Appreciation
    PSYCHOLOGY 1 Introduction to Psychology
    PSYCHOLOGY 25 Developmental Psychology
    SOCIOLOGY 15 Ethnic and Race Relations
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