• There are two types of Dual Enrollment:  High School Partnership and non-High School Partnership.  Know the difference before you register for classes.



     ←  The flyer listing classes for fall 2021 on the left side of this webpage under the "Chaffey College Dual Enrollment - fall 2021" link.  

    All Chaffey College courses for summer and fall 2021 will be online.  CVUSD students must check their Chaffey College e-mail accounts to receive notifications and instructions.  Classes fill on a first come, first serve basis.  There are no waiting lists.

    Fall HSP registration opened March 19th and will end August 18th.  Fall classes begin September 7th.

    High School Partnership Classes:  Students, you are enrolled after your Formstack registration is approved.

    Non-High School Partnership Classes:  Check your MyChaffey portal for your registration date.

    ALL students can check their schedules in their MyChaffey portal.

    Follow these steps to take a class with Chaffey College offered through a CVUSD high school (click here to download step-by-step instructions):

    1. First, current CVUSD students must become a Chaffey College student by completing the online application.
      • Within 72 hours students will receive an email from Chaffey College with your Chaffey College student ID number.
      • Students who have previously applied to Chaffey College student and already have a Chaffey College student ID number do not need to repeat this step.  You are already a Chaffey College student.  This step is ONLY for NEW students to Chaffey College.
    2. After students receive their Chaffey College student ID number, click the Formstack link (accessible above each flyer posted to the left) to complete the Dual Enrollment Agreement for the classes you would like to take.  
    3. Each Dual Enrollment Agreement received via Formstack will be reviewed by the CVUSD Alternative Education Center.  Students must be in grades 9-12 to take a course, and have at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA.

    *Students seeking to take a non-High School Partnershp Chaffey College course follow a slightly different process.  Review these instructions and click on this link.

     *Be sure to include your Chaffey College ID number when submitting your Formstack registration form.  Your form will not be processed without your ID number.

    Don't know your Chaffey College ID?

    1. Email admissions@chaffey.edu to ask for your ID number using the email they used to apply.
    2. Use this process using the email used to apply:  Change Password Link