• Independent Study

    Independent Study originally was created for students working in the film industry.  Since its inception, it is blossomed into an option that attracts high achievers, students working in the entertainment industry (actors, musicians), students pursuing professional athletics (gymnastics, soccer), as well as students needing flexibility due to personal situations such as needing to work to support their family, illness or teen pregnancy.  Students who are behind with credits toward graduation also have had significant success with this model.  Essentially, this program accommodates students who fit a non-traditional profile and seek a flexible schedule.  All students are assigned a homeroom teacher, and work with credentialed, content area teachers for each of their subjects.  Curriculum is delivered to students in packet format (written, paper/pencil work), one course at a time.  The minimum time to complete a course is two-weeks, maximum time is four-weeks.  Students may complete up to 45 credits in a single semester.  Independent Study courses are A-G approved and follow Special Education as well as 504 accommodations as required.  Students always remain attached to their home high school; Independent Study is an extension of the high school.