• Virtual Program

    Virtual Program provides students research-based, District-approved curriculum with alignment that is universal.  This means a student can travel anywhere in the country and still have access to their curriculum without missing a beat.  All Virtual courses online include digital textbooks embedded within the program. The course work is based on scope and sequence with assignments designed in a uniform format.  Every test, quiz, and final exam are set for the entire semester/school year. Most importantly, the online platforms are user friendly!  Students have access to their courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing them to work at their own pace.  Students take a full load of courses (generally 6 classes) just as they would at the traditional school site.  Virtual program courses are A-G and NCAA approved, include Honors and AP options, and follow Special Education and 504 accommodations as required. All students are assigned a homeroom teacher, and work with credentialed, content area teachers for each of their subjects.  Students always remain attached to their home high school; the Virtual Program is an extension of the high school.