• Ramona Junior High School is pleased to present College and Career Spotlight events this year. Developed by the school’s academic counselor, Mrs. Gutierrez,in partnership with the Ramona AVID Team, the goal is to expose students to various college and career options and get them thinking about post-secondary opportunities early on. These activities occur throughout the school year and are designed to promote student long-term goal-setting and help them envision future possibilities. College and Career Spotlight activities may include:


  • Career Spotlight on Sept. 22nd!

    A representative from CalTrans will be visiting our school on September 22nd available to all students during lunch time, and presenting specifically to AVID classes Per 5 and 6.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about career pathways and opportunities through CalTrans. Click HERE to learn more about CalTrans!  

College 2
  • College Spotlight Event - Field Trip for AVID Scholars

    October 6th!

    AVID Period 5 (Mr. Wilcox 7th grade) and AVID Period 6 (Ms. Esparza 8th grade) will be going to visit the campus of Cal Poly Pomona on Oct. 6th!

    Click HERE to learn more about the college!


  • Dr. Ashley Vizenor, former CVUSD Alumni, and Professor of Chemistry, from Barstow Community College will be here on December 1st! She will be available to all students during lunchtime. Please visit and ask questions about the college.  She will also be a guest speaker in AVID Per 5, Mr. Wilcox, and Per. 6, Ms. Esparza.

    For more information about Barstow Community College, click here.

    For more information about her career choice, click here.

  • Chaffey

    College Spotlight Feb. 2nd and Field Trip Feb. 8th

    At lunch and formal presentation to AVID 7th Period 5 and AVID 8th Per 6!

    Students learned about Chaffey programs and DUAL Enrollment!

    In addition to the classroom presentation, AVID students had an amazing field trip to CHAFFEY!

  • Career Spotlight Event

    Public Information Officer

    Feb. 16th


    Media and Communications Division (Public Affairs)

    Available to all students during lunch and presenting to AVID students Per 5 AVID 7th and Per 6 AVID 8!


  • College and Career Spotlight Event

    College and Career Readiness Programs!


    Baldy View ROP

    March 1st at lunch, Per 5 and 6 AVID

    Career Training, Job Skill Building, HS and College Credit

    Click HERE for more information!

    8th graders can start taking classes in the SUMMER after Jr HS!!!!


    • Career Guest Speakers: Various speakers are invited from a variety of industry sectors - healthcare, business, technology, arts, trades, etc.to share their job, education path, day-to-day work, and advice for students with time for questions and answers.
    • College Representatives and Campus Visits: College representatives and planned trips for students to visit local colleges and universities.
    • Job Site Visits: Participate on field trips to see different workplaces in action - courthouses, hospitals, tech companies, restaurants, construction sites, etc.
    • Career Exploration: Students have opportunities to research a job of interest and present requirements, duties, salary, outlook.
    • Guidance Resources: Provide individualized guidance to each student on assessing interests, high school planning and potential college/career paths.
College 1
  • September 8th College Spotlight

    Guest Speaker for AVID Period 5 (Mr. Wilcox 7th grade) and AVID Period 6 (Ms. Esparza 8th grade)!

    Available to all students during lunch time!

    Click HERE to learn more about the college!


  • College Spotlight!

    UCLA Field Trip 

    AVID Scholars

    Nov. 17th

    Women's Basketball Event!

    Learn more about UCLA

  • cal


    CalTrans Department of Transportation - Environmental Division

    December 8th!!

    Vivian Ho and Kenya Amezcua - Environmental Planners 

    Available during 7th and 8th grade lunch (all access) and then presented to AVID Period 5 7th grade and 8th grade Period 6!

    Learn more about this amazing career option! Click here!

  • Career Spotlight Event - CRIMINALIST

    Feb. 9th 

    SB Sheriff's Department

    Scientific Investigations Division

    A CRIMINALIST was available for students during lunch and the guest speaker presented to AVID 7th PER 5 and AVID 8th PER 6.

  • CHP

    California Highway Patrol (CHP) 

    Officer and Explorers

    Feb. 23rd - at lunch and guest speakers in AVID Period 5 7th grade and Period 6 8th grade

    Learn more about CHP and the EXPLORER program