• AVID Elective Course Content:

    AVID course content includes instruction intended to improve a variety of skills; tutorials provided by college students/mentors that are designed to increase higher­ level thinking and success in rigorous courses; and motivational activities, guest speakers, and college and career exploration.  AVID students are placed with a strong group of peers and adults who share a commitment to academic excellence and who work together for student success. In the AVID classroom, students find high expectations, encouragement, day­-to-­day help, a vision of college as an expected and attainable goal, and guidance in and skills for reaching that goal. Ultimately, AVID provides a social and academic structure to support students as they work to succeed.


    Ramona Jr HS AVID Teachers - Ms. Esparza AVID 8 and Mr. Wilcox AVID 7th

    AVID Site Coordinator: Ms.Esparza

    AVID Administrator: Dr. Gumarang (AP)