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Glenmeade News and Headlines

  • Roadrunner Report

    Stay up to date by reading the weekly Roadrunner Report, Glenmeade's Community Newsletter. (click headline for link)

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  • Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

    Glenmeade is a PBIS Silver level implementation school. Our focus is on providing positive reinforcement of desired behavior expectations with all students. Parents can support Glenmeade's values of Respectful, Responsible, and Safe behaviors by using the PBIS language at home when talking about school. More information can be found in the PBIS Corner of the weekly newsletter or on our PBIS website page.

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  • Family Engagement Center

    The Family Engagement Center is a very friendly place where workshops and academies are provided for staff, parents, and community members. To view what is offered monthly, click on the Calendar of Workshops link here:

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  • Online Registration Now Available

    If you are the parent/guardian of a student(s) you would like to enroll for the first time at CVUSD, you can now do most of the enrollment online! Click on the "Read More" hyperlink below to begin the online enrollment process. School site personnel will then contact you regarding further registration requirements. If you are unable to access the Internet or if you need assistance with the enrollment process, contact your school site. If you are the parent/guardian of a current student at CVUSD, no action is necessary until you receive more instructions from your school site. Registration for Transitional Kindergarten: Please contact Student Support Services to start the TK enrollment process (909) 628-1202 ext 6745. Registration for PREP (preschool): Please contact Special Education to start the PREP enrollment process (909) 628-1202 ext 1400.

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  • Online Meal Application (click here)

    As we prepare for the 2021-2022 school year, it is important that all eligible families complete the application to receive free or reduced school meals. Please click on this the headline to be taken to the online application.

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  • School Survey Results

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  • Entering 7th Grade? Your district password will change.

    Effective July 19, 2021, your district password will change to the 7th grade format.

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  • Chino Human Services

    Free Counseling Services Instagram Link As part of our commitment to improving the quality of family life in our community, Chino Human Services partners with the Chino Valley Unified School District to provide free counseling services to all students in the district. Parents or Guardians can request services in one of two ways: 1. Contact your student's school administrator and ask for the Chino Human Services counseling referral form, or 2. Call Chino Human Services at 909-334-3259.

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  • Health Services Letter

    We are asking parents to screen their students each morning, at home or prior to coming to school, by checking their temperatures, checking to see if they have any signs and symptoms of COVID-19, if they are sick, or have been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. Students must stay at home when ill or after any exposure to COVID-19. Students must stay home for temperatures of 100.0 F or greater. Any student with symptoms suspect of COVID-19 should remain at home in isolation until they have met the return to school guidelines that are outlined below. Students awaiting COVID-19 test results must remain at home pending the results.

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  • CAASPP/ELPAC Testing

    A parent letter regarding state testing was mailed home by the Office of Assessment to parents in grades 3-6, as well as to parents of English Learners in TK-6. Please click the headline to download an additional copy of the letter in English or Spanish.

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  • Intradistrict Open Enrollment for 2021-2022 School Year

    Click the blue heading to download the letter regarding INTRADISTRICT OPEN ENROLLMENT TRANSFER PERIOD FOR THE 2021/2022 SCHOOL YEAR for Grades TK through 12th.

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  • COVID-19 Family Letter

    Click on the headline title to navigate to the complete letter provided in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

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  • CVUSD Health Center

    The CVUSD Health Center is open and available for appointments. The Health Center is open Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 3:00pm. Please see the attached flyer for services provided by our Health Center.

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  • CVUSD Wellness Assistance Line

    https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/Page/36725 The CVUSD Wellness Assistance Line serves students and families within the Chino Valley Unified School District with screening for assistance, referrals, and resources relating to social, emotional, and the overall well-being of students. This phone line is not a therapeutic support line. Please call 911 if you are currently experiencing a crisis or need immediate assistance. The phone line is staffed Monday through Friday (excluding school holidays) from 8:00am - 3:00pm. The phone number is: (909) 703-6130

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Glenmeade Announcements

  • Registration for grades K-6: Please complete the online registration paperwork and then call the school to schedule an appointment to finish the process.

    Registration for Transitional Kindergarten: Please contact Student Support Services to start the TK enrollment process. (909) 628-1202 ext 6745.

    Registration for PREP (preschool): Please contact Special Education to start the PREP enrollment process.  (909) 628-1202 ext 1400.

    We will be handling registration paperwork by appointment only.  Please call to schedule an appointment with Cyndi at (909) 393-4087 or email her at Cynthia_Davis@chino.k12.ca.us.

    If you have any questions, please contact our school principal at (909) 393-4087 or adrienne_chase@chino.k12.ca.us.

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  • As of October 28, 2021, the final check from Pali has arrived and was deposited by PTA.  An email was sent by PTA to the parents who will be receiving refunds for the remaining money paid for camp in 2020.  Thank you for your patience and support as we navigated Pali's process.

    As of October 21, 2021, the check from Pali has arrived on campus and will be deposited by PTA.  They will then begin the process of sending out the 50% refund to families who paid for camp.  Thank you for your patience and understanding through all of this.  Please keep in mind that our PTA board members are volunteers and are handling this situation with professionalism and within the boundaries of PTA regulations.  Clearly, when we are able to look into camps for future years, other options will be considered.  The letter from Pali regarding the 50% refund can be found below.

    pali 1

    pali 2

    On September 16, 2020, Pali Institute informed us that they were not able to secure the loan they had submitted for.  Pali Institute will be sending our PTA a check for 50% of the tuition that was paid now, with the remainder being sent once Pali's cash flow allows for it.  Our PTA will be in contact with those who paid camp tuition once the money is received.

    On June 25, 2020, Pali Institute informed us that they have been approved to apply for a loan that would provide them the funds to be able to provide reimbursements.  As of today (8/25/2020) we have not received any updated information from Pali Institute.  If the money is reimbursed to our Glenmeade PTA, they will begin the process of reimbursing payments that were made to them.


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