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    Course Description

    • Computer Science You are historians, journalists, and artists putting together a photojournalistic book that will be on shelves for many, many years to come. What you do in this room directly affects every person in the Woodcrest Junior High School community. It also affects members of the whole WJHS community, future students to WJHS and their families, and your own future 23-, 53- and 73-year-old selves. It is an honor and a big responsibility to be a part of the yearbook staff! Thank you for making the commitment!

    Suggested Materials

    • Computer                                                       
    • Creativity
    • Brain


    Expectations: Students will be challenged with real world projects and assignments. High quality work is expected at all times. Students are expected to fully participate in each activity they are tasked with. Students are also expected to participate in outside of class time activities and meetings. To produce a complete yearbook, students will be required to attend school activities to take photographs and gather information to be used in the yearbook. Due to the nature of publishing deadlines, students will be expected to work periodically after school and to attend after school events in order to meet publishing deadlines. Excellent class attendance and a positive attitude are essential in working successfully in our team environment. If you are going to miss class or events, it is important that you communicate with me.

    Grading:  Students will be evaluated based on classroom production, deadline production, and attendance at out of class events/meetings. Grades will be based on total points earned. Classroom Production: Includes activities and quizzes for evaluating mastery of yearbook journalism skills and concepts.

    Deadline Production: Evaluation of hands-on production based on planning and progress in addition to the quality of the yearbook work and its timely completion.