Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Taylor-Chovan

Mrs. Taylor received her degree in Kinesiology from Cal Poly Pomona and her Masters in Education at Grand Canyon University. Mrs. Taylor received her teaching credential for Biology and PE from Cal Poly Pomona. Mrs. Taylor has been teaching science since 2004.  She started teaching science in the Colton district and added Varsity Dance at the high school to her repertoire for two years. Mrs. Taylor received her GATE certificate in 2019.  Mrs. Taylor's husband still teaches in the Colton district as a AP History teacher and they have 3 kids, (two who have learning needs). Once a week Mrs. Taylor teaches dance at a local studio. Mrs. Taylor loves Starbucks, Target,, the color blue, cats and horses, reading, going out to the movies, camping, spending time with her family and learning how the brain works to increase learning and processing.

  • Here we will focus on PRIDE (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline, and Empathy), all great skills needed to be successful in high school and beyond. “Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child.” It's hard not to clear every obstacle in our children's path so they can be happy now - getting what they want, when they want it. But when we clear the road for a child, we make their life too easy. We don't allow them to build life-coping skills they'll need down the road to handle life's hard realities. Kari Kampakis.

  • Sex Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Information

    The end of the school year is coming, and Science classes will be covering Sex Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention as part of their curriculum starting May 17th. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to develop healthy attitudes and behaviors concerning their personal health. Since I have students from all 6 middle schools, you will need to look at your school for days and times available to view this information if you have questions or concerns. This information regarding viewing dates and times for each school will also be on my webpage as well.

    • Parents/Guardians may preview the curriculum in advance for:
    • Briggs are April 12 or 19 sign up through Briggs website for an appointment through Sign-up genius. Schools nurse is
    • Woodcrest are April 12 or 19 by appointment
    • Cal Aero are April 12 or 19 by appointment
    • Canyon Hills are April 12 or 19 1-3:30 by appointment
    • Health Service Department are April 12 and 15 8am-330pm by appointment
    • Magnolia is April 19 8am-9am by appointment
    • Ramona is April 12 8am-9am.
    • Townsend is April 12 or 19 at 1-330.
    • Also, a parent/guardian has the right to excuse his/her student from the portion of the course pertaining to sexual health education and/or HIV/AIDS prevention education [Education Code (EC) 51938]. Should you wish to do so you must complete the waiver in google classroom. Excused students shall be given an alternative educational activity and not be subject to disciplinary action, academic penalty, or other sanction if the parent/guardian declines to permit the student to receive the instruction. (EC 51938-51939). 
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  • Back to School Night- Syllabus Review

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    (Trouble logging in, passwords not working, etc.) please email or call using the information below.

    (909) 628-1201x1080

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    For security reasons, please visit your google classroom for the link. In google classroom, go to Stream or  Classwork and scroll down until you see "Taylor's Google Meet Link." 

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  • CVUSD Parent & Student Ed Tech Classroom Resources

    This site serves the ed tech needs of students in Digital Classrooms as well as in the physical classroom using digital tools. Please click on the links to access the websites.

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    These are the hours for which I will be available to have a pre-arranged meeting (on Google Meet), email, and phone for questions regarding assignments, grades, and other classroom related concerns.  Please email me for an appointment to meet live during my office hours.

    My office hours are:

    *Tuesday and Thursday from 745-830am.

    *Wednesday and Friday from 145-230pm.

    Email me at or through google classroom to set up an appointment. Please note, if I call home, it will be a blocked number.

    I will respond/acknowledge student and parent emails within 24 hours during contract hours (7:30 AM-2:30 PM)


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    How is attendance taken?

    Students are to attend class for the assigned 80 minutes. Just like in the classroom, if student does not attend to class or comes late, they will be marked tardy or truant. Parents will be notified if students are not showing up to class through Aeries communication or email. If students are absent three days in a row, their name will be passed on to the administration (following district policy). 

    How is work submitted?

    Platforms will include google classroom, Flip Grid, Kami, Wakelet, Edpuzzle, Newsela etc. The teacher will provide tutorials for students on how to use these platforms. All platforms and links will be found through student’s google classroom. Assignments are due the same day they are assigned by midnight, unless otherwise stated.

    What is the learning expectation?

    Students attend their class online, turn in work by the due date, ask questions when they need clarification, complete the attendance assignments on days they are not in class, and prepare in advance for class days by having their notes and school supplies available. Weekly announcements are on the stream page in google classrooms. 

    What are the policies for being on google meet?

    Phones (and other electronics) must be out of reach during class. Students should be dressed appropriately and be visible the whole time on camera, unless given permission to turn off their camera. Students will stay muted unless given direction by the teacher. Students are expected to use appropriate language and do their own work. Be mindful of noises and your background to avoid distractions.  Chat is for asking or answering teacher questions only.

    How will teacher feedback be given?

    The teacher will grade and return workwithin a timely manner. If there is feedback needed about an assignment, the teacherwill return the assignment with a question attached to the assignment Students need to click on the arrow in the assignment on the right to read the comments and should make changes before re-submitting. 

    What is the policy regarding cheating and plagiarism?
    There is zero tolerance for cheating and plagiarism. Students will receive a zero on theirassignment for copying other people’s work OR knowingly permitting another student tocopy their work. Any talking/communicating during testing time will automatically resultin a zero on the test, regardless of the topic or situation. Copying whole sentences,copy/paste ideas from a website to student work, copying another student’s work are allexamples of plagiarism. Since distance learning is all online, it is very important that theteacher and parent both go over how these are not acceptable ways to complete work.