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     "The Only Bad Workout Is The One That Didn't Happen."


    Welcome To Mr. Spicer's Magnolia Web Page




     I am committed to responding/acknowledging all student and parent emails within 24 hours during contract hours (8:30 AM - 3:30 PM)


     I will be posting all assignment/activity grades in Aeries.  You can keep track of your PE grade by going to the Aeries Student Portal/Parent Portal and checking to see how you score on each assignment/activity!

    Mr. Spicer uses the following grading scale for all of his PE classes:

    100 - 90% = A

    89 - 80% = B

    79 - 70% = C

    69 - 60% = D

    59% and below = F


    Click the following link to find out all about Mr. Spicer's PE Class

    Things To Know About Mr. Spicer's Class


    PE clothes and locks will be sold the first week of school. Lockers will be assigned the first week also.  The first week of school is set aside for going over PE rules, getting PE clothes to students and assigning lockers.  PE clothes can also be purchased anytime during the school year in case a student wants to replace/add to their PE clothes/grow and need different size.

    PE Shirt - $12.00    PE Shorts - $12.00     Lock - $6.00

    Once you have your combination lock, follow the link below if you are having trouble opening it!

    How To Open A Combination Lock




    If you need to excuse your student from PE for 1-3 class sessions, you can print out the following form, fill it out, and have your student bring it to class to give to Mr. Spicer.  If you need your student to be excused from PE for more than 3 days, a Doctor note with instructions for how long the student needs to be out of PE needs to be provided.  If the student can do limited PE activity, please have the Doctor make note of what the student can and cannot do during PE class.

    Excuse From PE Form




    From time to time, students may need to make up PE points they lose or from being absent.  Mr. Spicer offers PE Make Up opportunities on the following days:

    Monday:  After school from 3:20 - 3:45

    Friday:  After school from 3:20 - 3:45

    Monday - Friday:  Before school, as long as a student makes an appointment with Mr. Spicer

    (PE Make Up days are subject to change throughout the year as Mr. Spicer has children who play club volleyball and sometimes their practice schedules will cause a change in Make Up day schedules)



    1/2 Mile - 3/4 Mile - Mile Run Scoring Chart

    Students who run 8 miles during the school year on our Mile Run day under 8:30 will earn a "MAGNOLIA TOP MILER" T-Shirt




    Fit Club

     On Monday, Mr. Spicer will host an after school Fit Club.  It goes from 3:20 - 4:00.  The goal of this Fit Club is to give students an extra opportunity to get exercise.  Mr. Spicer also encourages students who come to Fit Club to participate in 1, 2, or all 3 City of Chino 5K Runs.  The three 5K runs are: 

    The Reindeer Romp (Benefits the Chino YMCA - December)

    The Run For Russ (Benefits the Chino Police Department - February)

    The DairyAire 5K (Benefits the Chino Youth Museum - March)


    Magnolia "PRIDE"

    "Perseverence" is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did!

    "Respect" your body.. it's the only one you get!

    "Integrity" is choosing to practice your values rather than just professing them!

    "Self Discipline" is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not!

    "Empathy" in PE class is crucial.  Everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have!



    Who Is Mr. Spicer????

    Mr. Spicer is a graduate of the University of La Verne with a BA in Kinesiology/Physical Education and a Master's Degree in Education.  This is his 27th year teaching in the Chino Valley Unified School District, 10 of those years at Don Lugo High School and the last 16 here at Magnolia! GO MUSTANGS!!!!  While at Don Lugo HS, he coached football, basketball and tennis.  In his free time, Mr. Spicer enjoys playing golf, spending time with his family, training for marathons and triathlons, and playing guitar/singing in a punk rock cover band.  He is married to Mrs. Spicer, who has taught kindergarten and TK in the CVUSD for 22 years at Walnut Elementary, Howard Cattle Elementary, and currently at Oak Ridge Elementary.


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