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     American Studies(8th History)


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    August 25, 2021

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    Contact Info: julie_stanfield@chino.k12.ca.us


                          (909) 627-9263 x7347


    What are the expectations for class? 

    Bring your school Chromebook (charged) and agenda to class each day

    Wear your mask properly (over mouth and nose) at all times



    What will be learned this year? U.S. history, starting from the English Colonies in North America all the way to the Civil War and its aftermath, Reconstruction (1619-1877). This covers 8th grade content standards 8.1 through 8.11. 

    What kind of assignments will there be? Following the common core standards for literacy in social studies/history, assignments will emphasize: 

    • citing textual evidence
    • determining the central idea of a text
    • reading complex texts independently as the year progresses
    • writing arguments to support claims with clear evidence
    • produce clear and coherent writing assignments
    • the analysis of historical primary sources 
    • Be ready for class; use a place in your home free from distractions
    • Complete the attendance task, even on school days that you do not have history


    How will work be graded? 

      • Classwork 40% of grade; projects/tests/writing assignments 60% 
      • Grades will be posted regularly in Aeries 


    How should work be submitted? Please submit through Google Classroom. Links are available to submit assignments via cell phones.