• Welcome to Mr. Novek’s Classroom  

    Meet Your Teacher Night link (August 25): 


    I am committed to responding to/acknowledging all student and parent emails within 24 hours during contract hours (7:30 AM-2:50 PM).

    How to get to Google Classroom:

    To meet the needs of students who are unable to make it to school (illness, quarantine, etc), I will also be using Google Classroom to post and collect Electronic Assignments.  My classrooms have already been set up in Google.

    1. Go to the Magnolia home page: https://www.chino.k12.ca.us/magnolia

    2. Through the STUDENTS tab, Click on CLASSLINK. Sign in with your computer login information.

    3. In ClassLink, click on GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

    4. Select the class period.

    5. Daily agendas will be posted under the "Stream" tab.  Assignments will be posted under the "Classwork" tab.

    6. If a student is submitting an assignment through Google Classroom, please write a "Private Comment" to me, saying you are 

        handing in the assignment.  Otherwise, I will not be notified that you handed it in.

    7. Students who hand in assignments in person do not need to hand in the same assignment in Google Classroom.

    If you have any difficulties, please email me ASAP.
    Virtual Office Hours:   Monday- Friday 2:15-2:50 pm
    I am available to meet virtually with students or parents on either Google Meet or Phone for questions regarding assignments, schedules, and other schoolwork concerns.  The Google Meet link for my virtual office hours can be found below.  If a student or parent is interested in meeting with me on Google Meet, he or she needs to contact me ahead of time to arrange for a date and time.  For example, if a student is interested in meeting with me after school, they should contact me earlier in the day to make sure I am not in a staff meeting, IEP meeting for another student, etc.

    Google Meet:  https://meet.google.com/mip-ctpu-tne 

     Please read this before attending Google Meet --> Google Meet Expectations  


    Makeup work and Makeup testing

    Late work will be accepted until grades are due at the end of the trimester; however, handing in work late defeats the purpose of the assignment...which is to get the student prepared for an assessment.  Completed work that is handed in late will received 80% of the points for work handed in on time. For example, a typical worksheet assignment will be worth 5 points, but if it is handed in late, it will (at best) get 4 points.  

    Makeup quizzes are available after each quiz.  They will be made of  questions that are similar (or identical) to those on the original quiz.  Makeup testing and tutoring is done at lunch or after school.  Students should check with me beforehand to make sure I will be available for a particular time.  After taking a makeup quiz, the student always gets the better of the two scores, so there is no risk of a student's grade going down after taking a makeup quiz.


    In science class, if a student is failing the class, the fastest way for them to raise their grade is to do a makeup quiz.  Tests/Quizzes are 70 % of overall grade, classwork is 30%.


    In elective class, if a student is failing the class, the fastest way for them to raise their grade is to do a makeup work.  Class projects are 70 % of overall grade, testing is 30%.