How to Register for Aeries Parent Portal (click here)

    Aeries Parent Portal is a website that gives parents access to their student's current grades, progress report cards, trimester report cards, teacher email addresses, up-to-date attendance, and state test scores. Starting summer 2020, you will also be able to use this website to register your student online. Registration is now called DATA CONFIRMATION. We email Aeries registration info to parents in the summer. If you have any questions about the Aeries Parent Portal, please feel free to contact me via phone call or email. 

    How to Download Aeries Parent Portal onto your phone (click here)


    Bell Schedules for the 2023-24 School Year (click here)

    Calendar for the 2023-24 School Year (click here)
    Dates for the 2023-24 Grading Periods (click here)
    This flyer has the start and end dates for the progress reports and trimester report cards. Progress reports and trimester report cards are mailed home every 6 weeks.
    Dress Code Policy (click here)
    How to Calculate Your G.P.A. (click here)
    This flyer explains what a GPA is and how to calculate it. All students must have at least a 2.0 GPA (C average) in order to participate in school activities and in order to promote on to the 9th grade. 
    Grade Check Form (click here)
    Progress reports/trimester report cards are mailed out every 6 weeks. If you do not have have internet access to use our Aeries Parent Portal, and would like to check your child's grades in between the grading periods, your child can use this grade check form to check his/her grades/progress. These forms are also located in the back of the main office.
    Honor Roll Requirements (click here)

    Student/Parent Handbook 2023-24 (click here)

    The student handbook pages are located at the beginning of your student's agenda (planner) that was given to your student during registration. If your student loses his/her agenda, he/she can purchase another copy for $5 in the main office.

    Teacher Email Addresses for the 2023-24 School Year (click here)
     Click here for printable copy of Teacher Email Address Roster for 2023-24