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      Math One 

    Welcome to Mr. Abel’s  Classroom

    You should have received your google classroom code by now.

    All students should also use the code n5t3fac  

    If you have not been getting our emails please check your school email account

     Contact information

    Email: Jeffrey_Abel@chino.k12.ca.us

    Students should be aware of the expectation of attendance and where to get assignments if they don't attend school.  All daily assignment will also be posted on google classroom.Assignments will be submitted through google classroom..Email Mr. Abel if you haven't received information 

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Involved


        Classroom-wide Expectations  
      Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Involved
      Remove  hoods leave your masks on Take out your Notebook
    Entering the classroom Remove Earbuds and Phones Take out your assignments Have a pencil/pen
      Put away any food or drinks    
      Wear your mask correctly    
    Direct Instruction Listen  fully Take notes you can understand Raise your hand for attention
      Follow instructions Get help if needed Ask Questions if confused
      Do your own work   Help your neighbor
    Individual Work Use time wisely Work quietly Raise your hand for attention
      Complete tasks Try your best Ask Questions if confused
    Group Work Be courteous to all group members Do your own work Communicate with your group
    not at this time Stay on task Talk quietly about the assignment Contribute to the group
    Dismissal Time Wait Quietly for dismissal Work until directed to clean up Help with clean-up
          Pick up trash in your area





    Distance Learning Classroom Expectations and Norms of Conduct

    General Guidelines When Working with Students in Virtually 

    Considerations of expectations/norms that need to be explicitly communicated and taught to Students 

    Students should not share their login information, meeting links, or passwords with others.

    To the extent possible, students should participate in virtual instruction from a quiet and neutral area that is free of distractions.

    School and classroom rules apply to the virtual instruction environment.

    Generally, there should be an expectation that students participate with their camera on. Accommodations can be addressed through an IEP meeting with Students with Disabilities or through a meeting for students with a 504 who are unwilling to participate with the camera on. For all other students who demonstrate an unwillingness to be visible on camera will be addressed with the student/parent.

    What is the protocol for the following?

    Should the camera be on when participating? Yes

    When should the microphone be muted? Until called upon

    When should the microphone be on?  When call upon

    When should the chat box be used? To ask questions

    Students should dress appropriately for virtual instruction sessions.

    Students who use inappropriate language, share inappropriate images, or in any way behave inappropriately on a video conference will be subject to appropriate discipline.

    Students should not conduct audio or video recordings or take screen shots of virtual class meetings or activities unless they have received prior permission to do so from a teacher or authorized District official.

    To the extent possible, parents should allow the student to work with the instructor or provider in a quiet, private space. However, to the extent a student requires adult support to participate in virtual instruction/services, a parent or guardian may be specifically asked by the instructor or service provider to provide such support.

    Once the virtual instruction session or meeting is over, students should be sure to close out of the meeting platform entirely. Students should also ensure that cameras are covered and that microphones are turned off to avoid inadvertent transmission following the meeting.






Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jeff Abel

     I graduated from Upland High School in 1984, then proceeded to the University of LaVerne. While there I got my bachelors degree in physical education and my teaching credential in math, science and phys. ed.  During my time there I assisted the football and basketball teams, played two season of soccer and four years of baseball, where I set 2 school records and 1 NCAA national record.  In 2016 I completed my Masters in Sports Administration from Concordia University.

   My first twenty years of teaching was at Vina Danks middle school.  There I taught math, PE, science, yearbook and helped ASB.   I also served on the school site council, worked as the athletic director, coached several sports and spent a few years as summer school principal.  After a brief stop at Montclair high school, I moved to Don Lugo, where I have taught math and biology.
   With my free time I like  spending time with my huskies.  I have four grown boys which I am proud of and a lovely young lady which I am engaged to.