• Welcome to Mr. Williams' Distance Learning Classroom.

    We will be conducting Distance Learning through Google Classroom and Google Meet.  You must have access to your student email account for updates.  You must have the classcodes for Google Classroom.  Contact me or school administrators for the code.  

    If you need help with anything technology related, the district has created a Hotline for students: (909)628-1201 extension 1080.  If you need help with subject matter, contact me.


    My Email: Mark_Williams@chino.k12.ca.us

    APE contact: Leslie_Byrne@chino.k12.ca.us

    Virtual office hours (beginning the week of April 6):

    Monday 1:00-3:00, Wednesday 9:00-11:00 and Friday 9:00-10:00.  I will be sitting in front of my computer for those hours, available to see and/or speak with students via Google Meet (use the code   room127   for daily access), checking emails, posting on Google Classroom, etc.... However, I will be checking my emails often outside of those hours and should be able to respond to everyone in a timely fashion.

    We will be re-engaging the Chemistry Earth Systems curriculum effective immediately.  All students are expected to participate.  We will be using Google Classroom and Google Meet for almost everything so students will need an electronic device and internet access. Contact the district office BY APRIL 7TH for help if you need a device or internet access.  Contact me if you need the class code for Google Classroom.  Grades will be based on assignment completion, participation in Google classroom discussions, and tests (or other assessment).  Please take this seriously so we do not have to repeat the semester or extend school into the summer.


    I strongly encourage students to complete all missing work from our time in the classroom.  Email me or check Google classroom for materials.  Send completed assignments to my email.  Assignments generated in Google Classroom will be turned in through Google Classroom.

    We will have some form of assessment assigned every Friday.  I will continue to use Aeries gradebook, so if you have access to that you can stay updated regarding progress.  Even if you do not have access to Aeries, you will be kept up-to-date with an Aeries grade report I will send out every Monday showing scores, missing assignments, current grade, etc....

    Stay in touch.

    Mr. Williams