• Welcome to Ms. Miller's Distance Learning Classroom 

     Begins Aug. 17


     Contact Information

    Email: angelin_miller@chino.k12.ca.us

    Google Classroom

    I am committed to responding to all student and parent/guardian email within 24 hours on all workdays.


     Virtual Office Hours:

    Monday through Thursday 7:30 AM to 8:15 AM

    I will be available at the above times, or by appointment, through Google Meet. You will be provided a code to join my office hours if you wish to speak to me virtually person-to-person. For the safety of all students and the instructor, I will be recording these office hours. You may join my office hours with your camera off. Direct messages can be sent to me through the above email link.


    Syllabus and Classroom Expectations


    In this class, students will explore the basics of art and design. Students will create original artwork through the classic media of drawing, painting, printmaking, and design. In addition to gaining confidence and proficiency working with a variety of mediums, students will learn about cross-cultural art history, artistic self-expression and the interpretation and judgment of art.

    This year class will be conducted within a block schedule. During each period we will conduct class through Google Meet. You will be given a sign-on code prior to class. That code will remain the same unless otherwise stated. Be sure to join the class on time. 

    If you are in need of technology let me know immediately.


    Virtual Classroom Expectations

    • You should not share your login information, meeting links or passwords with others.

    • Find a quiet place to work free from distraction.

    • Dress appropriately for class.

    • Please eat before or after class, not during.

    • Do not use inappropriate language, share inappropriate images or behave inappropriately in class. Inappropriate behavior will cause you to be removed from the class session and reported to District officials.

    • Please be courteous to your teacher and other students in the class.

    • Use the chat box for appropriate questions only.

    • Raise your hand if you want to verbally ask a question. Once I call on you unmute your mic.

    • Come to class prepared: Have unlined paper, a wood case pencil, an eraser and a ruler or straight-edge.

    • Students should not conduct audio or video recordings or take screenshots of virtual class meetings or activities unless you have received prior permission from the instructor.

    • Once the virtual instruction session is over, students should close out of the meeting entirely.



    All work will be graded on a point system. All completed work must be turned in by the due date posted. If I feel that you need a little more work on a specific project, I will send it back to you with feedback. You will then have 48 hours to correct your work and re-submit. The following is the point breakdown:

    100–90=A     89–80=B     79–70=C     69–60=D     59 and below=F

    Grading Breakdown: 60% Classwork, 20% Projects, 15% Tests/Quizzes, 5% Participation



    I will be taking attendance every day. On the days that we will meet I will use our Google Meetings to take attendance. On the days that we are not scheduled to be in class you will need to respond to a question or a simple task on Google Classroom. Your response must be turned in by 2:30 PM the same day in order to be marked present. Please be sure to join classes on time with your camera on and ready to work. Have a pencil with an eraser and blank paper for drawing and or note-taking. If you join class late you will be marked tardy. If you are 30 or more minutes late you will be marked absent. 


    One Last Thing

    We are all in this together! With that said, if you need anything please reach out to me through email or during my office hours. I can help you troubleshoot any issues you are having. Don't ever hesitate, I am here to help!

    Click HERE for help with Google Classroom, Google Meet, Kami, etc.