• Welcome to Ms. Dvorak's Art and Graphic Design Classroom 

    In this class, students will explore the basics of art and design. Students will create original artwork through the classic media of drawing, painting, printmaking, and design. In addition to gaining confidence and proficiency working with a variety of mediums, students will learn about cross-cultural art history, artistic self-expression and the interpretation and judgment of art.


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    Email: angelin_dvorak@chino.k12.ca.us

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    I am committed to responding to all student and parent/guardian email within 24 hours on all workdays.class 


    All work will be graded on a point system. All completed work must be turned in by the due date posted. If I feel that you need a little more work on a specific project, I will send it back to you with feedback. You will then have 48 hours to correct your work and re-submit. The following is the point breakdown:

    100–90=A     89–80=B     79–70=C     69–60=D     59 and below=F

    Grading Breakdown: 60% Classwork, 20% Projects, 15% Tests/Quizzes, 5% Participation