Welcome Back To Campus


     Contact Information:

     E-Mail or message me using one of the three ways below. During the week, I will respond within 24 hours. Questions sent during the weekend may not be answered until Monday.


    Zoom Sessions:

    Class Link : https://zoom.us/j/96550366675?pwd=Z2tMdWxmbzNtWG1QL0F1K1pWWXlWdz09



     Blended In-Person Schedule for the Week of 3/22-3/26




    Syllabus can be accessed through Google Classroom under the Getting Started topic

    • Students will submit work, both classwork and assessments, through Google Classroom.
    • Grades will be posted in Aeries as work is assessed. Please look for comments on Google Classroom.
    • Make sure to check Google Classroom daily for assignments, due dates, virtual meeting times, and any other communications.


    Google Classroom Links:  (Click on your class period)

    Period 1 Google Classroom Code: 2wff2lx

    Period 2 Google Classroom Code: ncw6kvt

    Period 3 Google Classroom Code: yokk3uq

    Period 4 Google Classroom Code: 3zn6ufu

    Period 5 Google Classroom Code: 3nhyom5

    Period 6 Google Classroom Code: mgeoydn