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    The goal of the program is to provide a functional curriculum to help students with learning disabilities transition successfully from high school to work or independent living environments.  The program curriculum consists of functional academics, vocational development and independent living skills for moderate-severe SDC high school students who are not on a diploma track.

    The following is a sample of the program curriculum:


    Functional Communication: Reading menus, bus schedules, and Internet to access specific information; Social Activities to build communication skills, Coping/Problem Solving Skills, Practice appropriate social skills and build self-esteem


    Functional Math:  Money and Shopping skills (e.g. counting money, using a calculator, shopping with a budget, making change, price comparison, calculating tax and tip); Personal and/or Household Budgeting


    Functional Vocation: Independent work skills; Follow and retain instructions; Punctuality and attendance; Interpersonal skills; Work attitude; Career exploration; Enclaves/Volunteer for Seniors, Personal Hygiene


    Functional Self-Help: Community: Access public transportation independently; Use of maps to arrive at points of destinations; General Shopping; Restaurant use; Attending community events; Using community services, Accessing community agencies; Domestic: eating and food preparation, relationships with others, time management and scheduling, household/outdoor maintenance, money management, person hygiene (dressing, grooming), nutrition, simple first aid and health.


    Location                                                         Staff

    Don Antonio Lugo High School                             Jennifer Daly, Special Education Teacher

    13400 Pipeline Ave                                                 Lourdes Baeza, Paraprofessional

    Chino, Ca 91710                                                     Martin Perez, Paraprofessional

    909.591.3902  ext. 4827