• Welcome to Mrs. Kuttikattuparambil’s Distance Learning Classroom

    I look forward to working with you this year and preparing you for a successful future!

    Be Responsible ⚫ Be Respectful ⚫  Be Involved

    Instructional Plans

    We will continue to use Google Classroom to turn in all assignment. Please check Google Classroom reguarly. 

    Asynchronous Days

    For asynchronous days, please check Google Classroom. The assignment for the day will be placed on Google Classroom. Your asynchronous work will also be discussed the day prior while you are in class. 




    ·        Use polite & scholarly language in emails communication (include full name/class period)

    ·        Understand teacher may not be able to respond until after school


    ·        Login to Google Classroom daily to study/complete work

    ·        Complete asynchronous task by 2:00pm for attendance


    ·        Do NOT share login information, passwords, or personal codes with anyone

    ·        Practice healthy habits, including mindfulness




    mask wash 6ft


    Contact Information

    email:deepa_kuttikattuparambil@chino.k12.ca.us(I will reply within 24hours)

    Google Classroom






    Virtual Class Expectation IM3

    Virtual Class Expectation Pre Cal

    Virtual Class Expectation Pre Cal Honors