• Welcome to Mr. K’s Distance Learning Classroom

            From March 30th until May 1st please use the google classroom. 

                                              It will be your responsibility to check the Lessons links on a daily basis for assignments and deadlines.


    Contact Information

    email:deepa_sukumaran@chino.k12.ca.us(I will reply within 24hours)

    Google Classroom


    Virtual Office Hours(from April 6th)

    • Trig/Pre Cal will meet on Tuesday and Thursday (10a.m-11a.m)through Zoom.
    • MRWC will meet on Tuesday and Thursday(11a.m-11.30a.m) through Zoom.
    • IM3 will meet on Tuesday and Thursday(2p.m-3p.m) through Zoom.
    • I will reply within 24-48 hours.
    • Invitations for meetings will be sent and scheduled through Google Classrooms. Students will need to keep their microphones muted until called on by the teacher. To be called on by the teacher, students need to raise their virtual hand. Please keep all responses, questions, and comments professional and respectful. Dress appropriately as well.


    Norms/Rules/Guidelines for Online Classroom


    • Check your course and messages several times a week. Don't plan on completing the entire week's work in one sitting.
    • Work submitted should be your own work and reflect your own understanding. It's ok to use your notes and look up things like formulas (which should then go into your notes if they aren't already there), but you need to be practicing your mathematical problem-solving skills rather than your searching skills. 
    • If you don't know how to do something, try to figure it out! Review the video Lessons and notes, trying some problem-solving strategies, message Mrs.K, and/or get help from a classmate. Do not turn in an assignment that contains nothing but "I don't know".
    • Leave yourself enough time to do a quality job on homework problems every week.
    • Communications in each course should use school-appropriate language.
    • Do not make personal or insulting remarks.

    Updated Syllabus Precal/Trig

    Updated Syllabus IM3

    Updated Syllabus MRWC