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    World History Book


    Assignments, Lessons, and activities. 

    1- List and explain the 6 steps the allies took to defeat the Axis Powers in Europe. (E-mail Me both #1-2) 4-6-20

    2- Read from the Blue-Green History book pgs484-487 Section 4. Define the 8 Blue Voc words. 

    3- Atomic Bomb File  Read the power point and answer the questions. (E-mail Me) 4-8-20 **** All work due Friday the 10th****

    4- Read from the Blue-Green History book Pg 481 Section 3 "Uneasy Agreement at Yalta" 

              -This is the beginning of the Cold War. What is the biggest argument among the 3 leaders?

    5- Read from the Blue-Green History book pgs 488-492 section 5 "The end of ww2" **it is not stated in the book, but this is the start of the Cold War.

    6- Cold War Notes Use these notes to help with the assignment & test.

    7- Cold War Worksheets Use the notes and book to help with this assignment. (E-mail me both #4,7) ****All work due Friday the 17th****

    ****The Uneasy Agreement at Yalta #4- Who was going to control Eastern Europe? The democratic countries wanted elections. The SU wanted to control Eastern Europe as Communist countries.****

    8- Read The Berlin Airlift and answer the 3 Review questions on the 2nd page. (E-mail me #8) 

    9- Go to "you Tube" type in "Crash course the Cold War #39". Watch and answer the questions. Crash Course (E-mail me #9) ***All work is due Monday 27th****

              -I would watch the video with closed captioning on! It will help you understand what Mr. Green is saying.

              -The questions are in order as you watch the video. 

    *******Crash Course The Cold War******* #9- most of you missed.. 3 ways the US tried to stop Communism in Eurpe?

                                                                         The Marshall plan-NATO-CIA intervention

    10- All I want you to do is read from the Blue-Green History book- Ch 15 sect 3-4 pgs 521-533. The wars in Korea and Vietnam! These are 2 major events of the Cold War. 

          American troops Fought in these 2 Wars!

    11- Go to "YouTube" type in "The Cold War in Asia: Crash Course US History #38". Watch and answer the questions provided- Crash Course #38 (E-mail me #11) 

              -Watch the video with closed captioning on! 

              -The questions are in order as you watch the video, but do not be so fast to answer. Sometimes Mr. Green will go on and give you the answer.

              -Use the reading from Ch 15 to help.

    12- The Cuban Missile crisis of 1962 was probably the greatest event of the Cold War! Read from the Blue-Green History book- pg 507 (all). Then go to "YouTube" type in

          "The history of the Cuban Missile Crisis- Matthew A. Jordan". This short video gives a great overview of the Cubam Missile Crisis. I am always telling you, the History 

          Book leaves important facts out. What does the video tell you that the book leaves out? Like my notes, just list these important facts. Their is 1 big picture fact

          that the book leaves out! (THINK! big picture of the Cold War) (E-mail me #12)  

         *****You guys are doing a great job!!! We will finish the Cold War next week and start talking about modern History!******

    13- End of Cold War Read each document and answer the questions that follow. (on the multiple choice, you can circle more then 1 answer) On the last page the questions are on the side. 

          (E-mail me #13)

    14- I found 2 great videos I want you to watch, and be ready to answer questions next week. You do not have to E-mail Me anything!

         1- Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History 223.

         2- Vox: The Middle East cold war, explained.

         Both videos will talk about major issues going on in the Middle East. I would take notes (Think about my notes on the whiteboard), also you should define words you do not                               recognize.        *****Please finish all work*****