Welcome to Mr. Donoho's distance learning classroom

     I want distance learning to be as simple as possible. 

    "We're all a work in progress"




    909-591-3902 x4526


    (Landing Zone)

    Google Classroom (Classwork/Homework, notifications, Grades) codes

     Geography Per 3 - 4icaxyq 

    Geography Per 4 - pfieqwm

    Geography Per 5 - wjeve6v

    Athletic PE Per 6 - vmq4pia


    Zoom (Virtual Class, Attendance) To see Me!

    Join Zoom Meeting (Click HERE)

    Meeting ID: 297 295 5877

    Passcode: K9zHvy

    Virtual Learning: During Zoom Meetings here are some reminders. 

    -Be on time

    -Be fully clothed like attending school

    -Please mute your microphone

    -Come prepared (Geo book-Notes)





     - Technology Support

         -For technological difficulties (devices, username/password, onlinetools)

         -Phone 909 628 1202 x1080

         -Email comunitysupport@chino.k12.ca.us

         -Hours 8am-3pm


         -NOTE this is not for Homework help