Art Fundamentals Syllabus

    Don Lugo High School

    Ms. Lee, teacher


    Contact hours: after school and online, email through www.donlugo.com

    Class Description and Objectives:

    This class provides instruction on all high school art standards in Art History, basic elements of art, and design skills for California as outlined in the student handbook.  This class will explore the elements and history of art through different media.


    • Pencils 8B OR 6B OR 4B OR EBONY sketching pencils (Office depot, Staples) B stands for BOLD.  So basically, this is a DARK pencil.
    • Large WHITE eraser- white
    • Personal pencil sharpener- VERY important- make sure there is a catch for the shavings!
    • Black fine tip or medium tip pen (not ballpoint) for ink projects. UNIBALL VISION fine .7 is my FAVORITE! (Staples, Office Depot)  Buy two, if possible.
    • 12 inch ruler- I have some in class...but they are not always in the best shape!


    Grades and Evaluation Procedure

    Your final grade will be based on the following:

    1)      Complete all assignments on time

    2)      Achieve a passing grade on all quizzes and assignments

    3)      Participate actively in class discussion

    4)      Attend all classes


    Your final grade will generally be the average of all assignments, converted to a letter grade using these equivalents: 90-100= A, 80-90= B, 70-79= C, 60-69=D. 0-59=F


    I try to keep all work in the classroom.  A student will only have homework if they have been absent or are extremely slow. 


    Incomplete and lazy work will not be accepted. Parents will be contacted at the teacher’s discretion when missing or incomplete work is excessive.

    During this course, you will complete a variety of assignments. These assignments and related quizzes will constitute most of your final grade.  Late work will NOT be accepted without my prior permission.


    Attendance Policy

    It is difficult to make up work in Art.  If you are absent, you may need to come in at lunch to catch up.  I am usually in my classroom.  Students who have excessive absences, may have to sit out larger projects and receive a zero. Students who miss a class legitimately have a responsibility to hand in missed work. 


    Ms. Lee’s Comments

     I am confident this year will be a great year.  Have your parents or guardian sign below to show they have read the information. Just cut off the bottom so you have a shopping list. :)


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    Welcome to Ms. Lee's Art Fundamentals class.