Welcome to Ms. Hill’s Virtual Classroom


    Use the links below to check in to YOUR Google Classroom period. There will be assignments posted DAILY👀


    Instructional plans, routines/procedures, and grading policies will be available in Google Classroom.

    Ms. Hill's Teaching Schedule

      Per 1: English 11CP  Google Classroom      

    Per 2: English 11CP  Google Classroom    

    Per 3: ERWC              Google Classroom    

    Per 5: ERWC              Google Classroom    

    Per 6: English 11CP  Google Classroom    


    Any additional questions, please contact me through the email address below. I am committed to responding to all student and parent/guardian communication within 24 hours on school days.
    tracy_hill@chino.k12.ca.us          Classroom Expectations

    909) 591-3902 x 4502                 
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