•  Don Lugo HS students:  Registration is now open for summer and fall Chaffey College Dual Enrollment classes.  Refer to the flyers on the left-hand side for details. 

    • Guidance 2 and Guidance 3 – Monday to Friday – 7:25 to 8:27 AM  (1st period class) – limited to 30 spaces
    • Guidance 3 – Monday & Wednesday – 3:00 to 5:05 PM – limited to 20 spaces
    • Astronomy 26 – online course – limited to 15 spaces

     To register for one of these courses, follow these steps:

    1. Become a Chaffey College student – follow the steps listed on the directions (download on the left-hand side)
      • In 72 hours you will receive an email from Chaffey College with your Chaffey ID number
    • Students who are already Chaffey College students just need to complete/submit their registration paperwork.
    1. Complete a registration form (download on the left-hand side)
      • Do not omit any fields – pay attention to the highlighted lines.
    • Your school with get the principal’s signature for you after you turn in your form(s)
      • You must include your Chaffey ID number on the form – if you don’t know your ID, contact the Chaffey College Admissions Office.
      • The course section number – look at the flyer
    1. Request an official copy of your transcript from the Don Lugo Records Office and attach it to your form(s)
      • Minimum of a 2.0 GPA is required
    2. Submit your completed registration form(s) and official Don Lugo transcript to Mrs. Scott in the Don Lugo Administration Office.
      • Deadline to register for Guidance 2 and Guidance 3 (1st period class) – August 20th
      • Deadline to register for Guidance 3 (after school) and Astronomy 26 (online) – September 6th

    **Per Chaffey College, students are prohibited from adding these courses after the first day of class.**