Community Resources

Community Resources for Families

  •  Chino Human Services Counseling:  13201 Central Ave., Chino   909-334-3259.  School based counseling services at Don Lugo High School.  Free for students on referral by counselor.

     Reach Out- CROSSROADS:  Don Lugo High School.  Free for students on referral by counselor.  Services include: Cognitive Life skills, Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Truancy, Shoplifting, and Gang Involvement.

     Chances for Change:  Don Lugo High School, Room 38.  909-591-3902  ext. 4755.  School based counseling services.  Free for students on referral by counselor.  Services include Substance Use/Abuse, Harm to Self and Harm to Others, Truancy and Avoidant Behaviors.

     CVUSD Behavioral Health Center:  12970 Third St., Chino.  909-628-1201  ext. 8969.  Free for students with Medi-Cal services upon referral by administrator or counselor.  Service provides on-on-one counseling services with a licensed therapist.

     South Coast Community Services:  11780 Central Ave., Suite 205, Chino.  877-527-7227.  Free for students who have Medi-Cal or are uninsured upon referral by administrator or counselor.  Must be San Bernardino County resident.  Services include: In-Home services, School-Based services, Individual Counseling, Wraparound services, Child & Adult Psychiatry, Group Therapy, Mental Health Screening, Family Therapy, Behavior Modification Coaching, and Case Management.

     Don Lugo HOPE Center:  Don Lugo High School, Room 75.  909-628-1201  ext. 8960.  FREE.  Assist students and families with food, clothing, child care, counseling, parent education, housing information, preschool referral, Medi-Cal/Covered CA assistance, CalFresh/CalWorks assistance.

     God's Pantry:  5472 Park Place, Chino.  FREE.  Fourth Saturday of every month.  Provides food/groceries to families in need.

     SUNBURST Youth Challenge Academy:  4022 Saratoga Ave, Blding 21, Los Alimitos, CA.  562-936-1759.  Website:  Sunburst Youth Academy's mission is to intervene and reclaim the lives of 16-18 year old high school students.  Offers several programs for at-risk youths.  Contact program directly for costs.

     Community Crisis Response Team (CCRT):  909-458-1517 or 909-535-1316


    CVUSD Health Center School Based Clinic:  909-628--1201 X8935. Low or No Cost Medical Care for Children Ages 0-21.