• Advance Placement classes are considered college courses offered to high school students. The expectations are rigorous and high. The junior year will focus on writing and literary analysis with special emphasis on literary analysis, writing, and style. If students successfully pass the AP English LIterature & Composition exam taken in May, they may be eligible to earn college units. Since policies change, please look into all universities that may be of interest to find what AP units are accepted. Some universities no longer give units for scores of 3 (the minimal passing score). Why take the exam then? By taking this class, you are showing universities that you are willing to take risks by enrolling in a more challenging course. By taking the exam, you are setting yourself apart from others not willing to take the last step (you’ll see what I mean in April). Please have your parents sign and initial all of the required spaces to signify that they have read and understand the expectations for this class. Keep this packet in your English folder at all times – you will need its contents throughout the year.
  • Title Page instructions
    Go to this website for directions on how to create a MLA title page. Or just download the copy below and change the info to fit your topic.
    Literary Terms
    MLA Citation Website
    Here' a link to the mother of all How-to-Cite for MLA. Use it in good health!

    Sending me email
    If you're going to send me an email, please make sure to include your email address in the body text! That way I will be able to respond to your query. Thank you!
    Letters of Recommendation
    If you are in need of a letter of recommendation, I will be posting a sample one for your to "fill in the blanks" so-to-speak. If it's not on my website within a few days, nag me please. =)
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