• Classroom Norms

    Classroom Expectations


    CORTES IM3 Virtual Classroom Expectations

    Prepare for Success

    ·       Set up your device in a place that is quiet and as free of distractions as possible. For example, setting up your device in the living room with the TV on will not help you learn!

    ·       Dress properly for participating in virtual classrooms. Your background should also be appropriate as well. Nothing inappropriate should be visible in the classroom.

    Access Google Class




    ·       Access Google Classroom at the beginning of each day and click on the meeting code to log in to class. 

    ·       I will use Google Classroom to provide you with daily assignments.

    ·       You will need to access the Google Classroom to access these assignments, view resources to help you complete the work, and to submit the work for feedback and grading.

    Connect in Google Meet

    Access Google Meet and/or Zoom at the beginning of each virtual class. Each of your teachers will post a link to his/her virtual classroom.

    ·       Click the link to join each virtual classroom when it is time for the class to start.

    ·       Remember to always use your DAL username and password to login.

    Virtual Class Etiquette











    Be professional and respectful at all times in the virtual classroom. Virtual school follows the same expectations as in person school. Students are expected to be respectful, visible and professional at all times.

    During each virtual class, students should:

    ·       Be on time and make sure to mute your microphone when you join class via Google Meet. You need to turn on your camera and have it on at all times in order to be counted as in attendance. If you are late more than 30 minutes you will be marked absent. You will not be turned away from class but you will be marked absent.

    ·       Type in the chat box to ask questions, answer questions, and participate in discussions without interrupting the teacher or other students.

    ·       Use appropriate language when communicating orally or via the chat feature in the virtual classroom.

    ·       Avoid abbreviations, such as LOL, when sharing responses.

    ·       Refrain from engaging in distracting behavior, such as texting or posting to social media.

    All aspects of the DAL Code of Conduct applies to virtual school, including but not limited to the use of inappropriate language or gestures, bullying, etc. 

    Plan for Success!







    ·       Practice self discipline by making a weekly “class schedule” to help keep on track.

    ·       Reach out to me for help. I will hold online “Office Hours” to provide extra help for students who need it.

    Submit Assignments on Time

    ·       Submit weekly assignments no later than 4 pm each Friday.

    ·       Any assignment not turned in by due date will receive partial credit.

    ·       No late work will be accepted after the unit assessment.

    Review, Revise, and Be Rewarded!


    ·       Review written feedback from me and check your grades regularly.

    ·       Grades will be posted in Aries. Review and check your grades regularly to monitor your progress and achieve your best!








    Grading Policy

    ·       Assessments (Tests and quizzes)               60%

    ·       Assignments/Notes                                   40%