Classroom Expectations Matrix (CLICK HERE TO OPEN CLASSROOM MATRIX FILE)


    Classroom Guidelines

    Mrs. Cortes, Integrated Math 3

    Fall, 2021

    Rules:  -Follow all school and district rules.

                -Follow the Behavior Matrix.

                -Have respect.

                -Stay in your assigned seat.

                -Be on time and prepared.

                -Be honest.

                -No charging phones without permission.

                -No Food or Drinks (except water).

                -Homework must be NEAT and EASY TO READ and done in PENCIL.

    -Students are expected to follow the Conquistador way:

    Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Involved




    Classroom-wide Expectations

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Involved


    Direct Instruction





    ·       Stay on task by writing notes

    ·       Follow directions

    ·       Raise hand if you have questions

    ·       Put all distractors away (phones/ear buds/homework from another class, etc.)


    ·       Listen carefully

    ·       Take notes

    ·       Allow others to learn

    ·       Have materials ready

    ·       Keep backpacks/ purses away from desktop

    ·       Ask questions

    ·       Help your neighbors

    ·       Active listening


    Group Work/ Collaboration





    ·       Stay on task

    ·       Use devices only with teacher approval


    ·       Respect the opinion of others

    ·       Work as a team

    ·       Each person does their part

    ·       Work cooperatively in groups

    ·       Complete all group work

    ·       Share responsibilities equally


    Individual Work





    ·       Stay on task

    ·       Do your own work

    ·       Allow others to learn

    ·       Sit quietly and  do not disturb others

    ·       Ask clarifying questions

    ·       Put forth best effort







    ·       Clean up your work area

    ·       Put all materials in proper place

    ·       Move around the classroom quietly

    ·       Talk in soft voices


    ·       Follow directions

    ·       Leave area clean

    ·       Return all materials

    ·       Help fellow students clean up

    ·       Rearrange seating area quickly







    ·       Check board for daily assignment

    ·       Sit in assigned seat, be prepared to work

    ·       Clear desk of all materials except what is needed

    ·       Take out necessary materials needed to get started


    ·       Greet teacher at door

    ·       Enter classroom orderly

    ·       Start bell work

    ·       Work from bell to bell

    ·       Clean up area

    ·       Turn in daily assignments

    ·       Stay seated until bell rings







    ·       Keep your eyes on your own paper

    ·       Have phones/earphones put away

    ·       Review the night before

    ·       Have prepared, well written notes

    ·       Stay quiet until everyone is done with the assessment

    ·       Stay on task during the assessment

    ·       Be silent while taking the assessment