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    1.2013 English 3
    Course Title: English 3200
    Description: A programmed course in advanced English grammar, sentence building correct usage,
    capitalization, and punctuation. The course offers approximately thirty-two hundred written presentations
    covering basic and advanced English grammar and written expression for the student to analyze, predict
    correct answers, and evaluate his/her responses. Besides the review feature, the course is designed to
    provide the advanced English student with information and practice for achieving a high degree of
    competency in use of the English language.
    Goals and Purposes: The course is particularly valuable as an individualized, self-pacing. program of
    instruction in advanced English grammar and usage. However, the course material can easily be adapted for
    small or large group instruction.
    Length of Course: One year.
    Grade Level: 9 - Adult
    Prerequisites: Completion of English 2200 or English 2600 with at least average


    Credit: 10 units of English credit toward graduation.
    Performance Ob1ectives:
    The student will accomplish the following:
    1. Analyze written presentations of rules, questions and problem examples related to correct and
    incorrect usage of English grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and written expression.
    2. Make a written prediction of the correct answer to a question or problem example by choosing
    between two (usually) possible answers.
    3. Evaluate his/her prediction by comparing it with the correct response suggested in the textbook.
    4. Re-analyze incorrect responses to discover the reasoning behind the response suggested by the
    5. Demonstrate competency by completing a written test for each unit of the course, and for each of the
    two halves of the course.
    Instructional Strategies: (Adult School)
    1. Self-study materials.
    2. Teacher tutorial help.

    1.2013 English 3200
    Blumenthal, Joseph C. English 3200 New York: Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich, Inc., 1981. A
    related series of tests is available through the publisher.)
    Additional Material and Audio-Visual Aids:
    It may prove helpful to use an opaque projector or make transparencies and use an overhead projector
    to project parts of the text for group discussion of troublesome rules, questions, and examples.
    Recommendations: None
    Units of Study: Total hours: 120 (Adult School)

    1. Patterns of the simple sentence. 10
    2. The process of compounding. 10
    3. The complex sentence to show relationship. 10
    4. Other devices of subordination. 10
    5. Achieving sentence variety. 10
    6. Recognition of the sentence unit. 10
    7. The smooth-running sentence. 10
    8. Making subject and verb agree. 10
    9. Solving verb problems. 10
    10. Using adverbs and adjectives. 10
    11. Solving your pronoun problems. 10
    12. Skill with graphics. 10
    Evaluation Procedures:
    A student’s performance will be evaluated by teacher observation and written tests.
    PLATO Completion
    Repetition Policy: (Adult School)
    This should not be necessary if prerequisites, performance objectives, and testing methods are used
    correctly. However, the level of difficulty for the course is high and, therefore, repetition may be
    helpful for students who have not achieved the competency desired.
    Date of Board Adoption: August 4, 1981