• purchasing guy The goal of the Purchasing Department is to provide
    outstanding service to our customers. 

    We accomplish this by:
    • -Ensuring a cooperative effort between buyers and suppliers.
    • -Providing a fair opportunity for all vendors.
    • -Being receptive to new ideas and purchasing concepts.

          Office:  909-628-1201 ext. 1220  FAX  909-548-6014

    • Board Policies

      The Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education has adopted a centralized purchasing concept whereby the District will maintain an actively competitive attitude to obtain the best combination of product, quality merchandise, price and service (Board Policy 3310). To access Board Policies and Administrative Regulations, go to www.chino.k12.ca.us and point to "Board" along the righthand side and click on "Board Policy."

      The Purchasing Department, in coordination with other departments and school sites, will establish standard specifications to meet the needs of the District.

      The Purchasing Department conducts all purchasing transactions for the District. Under law, the Board of Education has the sole responsibility for all purchases and contracts of the District. This responsibility cannot be delegated.

      Purchases made in the name of the District without an authorized purchase order shall be considered the financial responsibility of the person making the purchase, not the obligation of the District.
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