• Innovation to Commercialization

    Innovation to Commercialization combines English Language Arts Common Core State Standards with the Advanced Manufacturing Career Technical Education (CTE) Standards. This course will introduce and then lead each student through the design process of an original product that meets a need that has been identified by each student in his or her surrounding community. Students will be expected to read a variety of short stories, expository pieces, technical documents, novels, analyze information provided in multimedia formats, all of which provides the vehicle for developing and refining listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the context of product design. Specific writing in this course includes the composition of user manuals, proposals, literary analysis, research responses/essays, persuasive texts, and marketing materials. As students approach the creation of their own product, they will examine case studies of inventions and their impact on history, society and the environment; conduct a needs assessment of their surrounding community; consider the ethics involved in the creation and manufacturing of a product; perform a cost analysis; explore the laws of intellectual property and how they apply to the student’s product; analyze marketing and advertising techniques of products; and ultimately create a comprehensive portfolio of their work throughout the design process of their original product.