Don Lugo High School offers a program for students interested in the culinary arts.  These classes introduce students to a set of skills that combine both nutrition and cooking techniques.  Students will learn what it takes to begin their career and give them an edge as they become a Certified Food Handler. Culinary Arts in an exciting career that is never boring and a career that you will be able to utilize not only in your professional life but in your personal life as well.  


    The culinary arts industry is growing these days and it offers a wide variety of career opportunities in such sectors as restaurants, travel, hospitality, recreation, and more.  The culinary arts industry has thousands of different jobs available and no two jobs are exactly alike.  There are culinary arts positions available in hotels, resorts, schools, corporations, the media, and even private homes.  Standard jobs in the  culinary industry include such jobs as:  Restaurant manager, Cafeteria manager, Caterer, Chef,  Pastry Chef, Baker, Food Critic, Food Photographer, Food Researcher, Food Consultant, Culinary Arts Teacher, Dietician, Nutritionist,and more.